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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Grade 4: September 25th Weekly Update

Monday is Day 5.

Event Tracker:

Monday:  Music,  Library, last chance to order pizza, Booster juice.
Tuesday:  Popcorn: $1 per bag.  Times tables quiz.  Fun Run for cross country runners.
Wednesday:  Book fair, The Big Sip, art.
Thursday:  Field trip to Central Park Arena, Meet the Teachers: Junior Classrooms, 6 - 6:30 p.m.  Pizza and water is for sale in school.  Book Fair.
Friday:  Gym, Spelling Test, Western Day (Ye-ha) and Assembly (Wear your character T-Shirts)

Photo Day:  October 5th.
Builders' Club:  October 23rd.

Please don't forget about our Smoking Assignment (see below)!  Students to learn and present about the issue of smoking.

Please sign-up for Remind (  Our class code is @comets4
Parents:  If you would like a reminder of important information, then please sign up for Remind.  The link is attached here:  Remind 705 302 3245, Class code @comets4.

Sign up for important updates from Mr. Potter.
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Don’t have a mobile phone? Go to on a desktop computer to sign up for email notifications.

Note:  All assignments are available on Google Classroom.  Our class login for Google Docs is dnkodr

I use the six "C" 's of the Board Curriculum for the 21st century:

Critical Thinking

Times tables quizzes are every Tuesday.
Spelling tests are every Thursday.

Students may work on their portfolios at any time and our encouraged to do so:

 Subject Update:
 Reading:  Response, Connections to self, text and world
Writing:  Reports, Portfolio
Media:  Advertising
Math:  Numeracy, Place Value, Money
Social Studies:  Canada
      Science:  Habitat, Rocks and Minerals
    Gym:  Cooperative Games, baseball, football, cross country, basketball.
Students must have indoor running shoes!!!
Health:  Nutrition, Anti-Smoking
Art:   Colour, Fall Scenes, Remembrance Posters

Homework:  There will be some nightly homework, and it will be listed here.  Some work at home on long term assignments will also be required.  Notice will be given well in advance of the due dates.  
I expect students to read at least 15 minutes every night, and work on math skills the same.  Please provide them the opportunity to do so. 

Math Homework:   Multiplication Tests every Tuesday! Students should be reviewing their math skills, especially practicing their times tables.

Tests will be every Thursday.  Students will be told groups this week.  Note:  B group students do both A and B group words, and C group students do all words.  Spelling words will be listed below and sent out on Remind. 

Spelling Words:  September 29th. 
Note:  Friday due to Field Trip
"l sound"
A: goal, real, feel, heal, deal 
B: wheel, steal, pile, cereal, serial 
C: bowl, squeal, jewel, wealthy, healthy

 Note:  Group B will spell both Group A and B words.  Group C will spell all 15 words.   

An excellent web site to work on spelling skills is

  Please note that all tests should be signed and returned.  Thank you.

We are using Classflow, running with Google Docs. Class code:
Password:  QY92Z 
Free App available through Apple, Google or Microsoft App stores.

Our class login for Google Docs is dnkodr


Smoking Assignment
Due Oct 24
Health: Smoking Assignment
Grade 4 Health Assignment: Due October 24th, 2017

Students are to complete by October 24th a Powerpoint, Slide or poster project on Smoking.

Students are to provide research from identified sources and information in either PowerPoint, Google Slides or poster about the following:

Identify major harmful substances found in tobacco.

Describe the short and long term effects of first and second hand smoke.

Describe ways to make and maintain healthy choices related to tobacco use. Describe the term addiction.


If I avoid tobacco products and abuse of alcohol and drugs, then I will have a better quality of life.

            Via e-pals and the Smithsonian Institution, the 7th annual invention competition is back and will run in 2018.  In year one, four students from my class were the international grand prize winners (featured in local press and CTV News), and in year two, two students won an award.  Hopefully we will be successful again this year.

In 2017, the class will learn how to start a business, applying many of our learning skills.  The students, working with a professional business person, will learn to start a business, and hopefully make a profit.  This profit would be turned over to a charity of the students' choice.

Word Q
Parents are welcomed to try Word Q for at home use.  This program assists students with writing and spelling.  Visit and use the activation code:  739845508971.

Student Behaviour and Self-Regulation 
   We have commenced a new program at school called Zones of Regulation.  This program is designed to improve student Self-Regulation skills (this is part of the learning skills on the report card).  This is a school wide initiative.  For further details, please contact me, or a member of the school staff. 
Zones:  Green (good), Yellow, Red, Blue

Classroom agreements and consequences are as follows:
1.  Quiet when someone is talking.  Respect the speaker.  Face the speaker.
2.  Complete your work quietly.
3.  Keep your hands to yourself -- respect your body.
4.  Participate!  And in Gym Class too!
5.  Say only kind things to one another -- no put downs allowed.

My policy on cell phones/electronic devices:  Devices are welcomed in the classroom for academic purposes with my permission.   They may also be used during nutritional breaks and recess, but no photos may be taken.  Any misuse, and the devices will be denied entry into the classroom.

For parenting information, visit

 Helpful Educational Sites:

        For further studies visit (featured on 60 minutes).  This is a free site with hundreds of great learning videos supported by Google, CNN and the Bill Gates Foundation.  Also, visit Virtual Math  through the Cameron webpage.

Visit the ministry site:

SumDog: This is a great program to improve math skills.  All students will have their own logins, and the program can be accessed at home or school.  Go to  Khanacademy is also linked to Sumdog.
Prodigy:  This is a new and exciting site.  Our class login is CXT5L5
Matific:  www.matific.com2

          Contacting Information

Please feel free to contact me at anytime regarding any concerns or information that you need to communicate. I would appreciate having your email address to ease communications. You can contact me at the school at 445-2902 or through email:

Rob Potter, Grade 4 Teacher
Phone: 705-445-2902 (Note: I am unable to retrieve any messages, please email me, or leave a message at the office.)
Fax: 705-445-9811

Field Trip Information 

Our first trip is September 28th to Central Park.  Please return all forms!

Field Trips:    We are currently finalizing our plans.  This was last year's plan.

DATE    Part.       Dest.                           Financing              Est. Cost/Student
Oct. 7                  Duntroon Highlands        Board                             0
Dec. 6                 Rocks and Rings              Parents                           2
Dec. 14                JVHS                                                                     0
Feb. 22                 Duntroon                         Parents                        12
                             Highlands                   School Council
March 2           Central Park                   Cancelled due to warm weather
                         Outdoor Skating
                        (Must have helmet)    
March 22/29       Georgian Bowl                  Parents                        12
May 24, June 6 Centennial Pool                  Parents                          4

TOTAL:   $30   Note:  Trips to bowling, plays and swimming are walking.  Parent helpers must have a current police check.  See field trip for current permission forms.  You may pay on-line through the school website.

                          Health Curriculum

The following materials developed by the ministry can also be accessed via the 
ministry’s curriculum page (
• Grade by Grade Guides to the Curriculum (one guide each for grades 1-8, 
a guide for grades 9-12)
• A Parent’s Guide to the Revised Health and Physical Education Curriculum, 
Grades 1-12
• A Parent’s Guide: Human Development and Sexual Health in the Health 
and Physical Education Curriculum, Grades 1-6
• A Parent’s Guide: Human Development and Sexual Health in the Health 
and Physical Education Curriculum, Grades 7-12
• Quick Facts for Parents: Learning about Healthy Relationships and Consent
• Quick Facts for Parents: Learning about Online Safety, including Risks of Sexting
• Quick Facts for Parents: Learning about Mental Health
• Quick Facts for Parents: Learning about Concussions
• Quick Facts for Parents: Learning about Staying Safe
• Quick Facts for Parents: Learning about Active Transportation

Class Schedule

Tentative Timetable:  Timetable is flexible, especially depending on availability of computers for technology. 
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Period One
8:55 to 9:35





Period Two
9:35 to 10:35

(Mr. Haydu)
AM Nutrition Break
10:35 to 10:55

AM Recess Break
10:55 to 11:15
Nutrition Break

Period Three
11:15 to 12:05


Period Four
12:05 to 12:55





PM Nutrition Break
12:55 to 1:15

PM Recess Break
1:15 to 1:35
Nutrition Break

Period Five
1:35 to 2:25

Writing (T)




Drama/ Music (Mrs. Lockhart)
Period Six
 2:25 to 3:15
 Social Studies
      (20 min.)   
 Social Studies